Friday, 3 April 2009

Romanian Summit Objectives

Romanian media are reporting a speech by Romanian President Traian Basescu. His main objectives for the Summit are listed as:
  • The final statement of the summit must include a message of opening towards Serbia's accession to the NATO structures;
  • The statement must mention the Black Sea area as a region of interest and a strategic security element within NATO's security policy;
  • Maintaining the commitments the Alliance made on full coverage of the NATO territory by the anti-missile shield;
  • Maintaining the commitment to protect the energy infrastructure;- Romania supports the re-launching to the NATO - Russia cooperation;
  • The final document must encourage Montenegro and Bosnia in their intention to join NATO.
It is notable that these objectives identify Romania as a consumer of, not a contributor to, NATO security. all the objectives are regional. There is no sign that Romania has seriously engaged in the major issues affecting NATO as a whole.

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