Friday, 12 June 2009

Nuclear Planning Group Meets

The NATO Nuclear Planning Group used to meet for two days twice each year, with many Ambassadorial level meetings in between. Since the end of the Cold War this function of the Alliance has atrophied, and yesterday the NPG held its only meeting for 2009. It was scheduled to last one hour and all NATO had to say on the meeting was that "members of the Nuclear Planning Group held consultations on key current issues related to the Alliance’s nuclear policy."

It is known that the NPG was briefed on the US Nuclear Posture Review, which includes an International Issues Working Group, and in which the deployment of US nuclear weapons in Europe will be discussed. But the extent of consultations on this, and any other issues, remains unknown. No-one was talking about it last night.

Despite reintegration into NATO military structures, France remains outside the NPG.

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