Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Analysis on NATO Nukes in the Strategic Concept from Arms Control Association

Just a quick note that Oliver Meier has a good piece in the latest Arms Control Today. You can read it here. I was taken with this quote:
The U.S. official said the language on nuclear sharing “was very carefully drafted.” He maintained that it does not preclude future changes in NATO’s nuclear posture. “It applies very nicely to a situation where a country suggests that it is no longer possible for it to participate in nuclear sharing for domestic reasons,” he argued. “The questions allies need to ask [are]: What kind of participation in nuclear sharing is politically acceptable? Is participation by one country enough? Is it sufficient if two countries participate?” 
These will be key questions for NATO as it moves forward. Already Greece and Turkey have given up the nuclear sharing role. The UK no longer bases US nukes. Will NATO be able to act to gain some credit for removal of the few remaining tactical nuclear weapons in Europe before national reductions mean all credibility is lost? That would be the sensible course of action, but France seems dead set against it.

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