Wednesday, 2 April 2008

NATO Summit Starts Today

NATO Heads of State and Government gather today in Bucharest, Romania for a Summit meeting (Despite the BBC Radio 4 'Today' programme announcing this moirning that the Summit is happening in the Ukraine, not even a NATO member).

Once rare, these NATO Summits have become almost annual events. The last happened in Riga, Latvia in November 2006. The next will take place in 2009, to celebrate the Atlantic Alliance's 60th birthday.

This blog will be used for regular updates during the next three days, and until Sunday to cover the bilateral Summit between Presidents Bush and Putin.

Reports detailing the road to the NATO Summit, and a preview of likely events at the Summit, can be found at There will also be some longer Summit reports posted there during the Summit, and a full report of the events of this week after both Summits have finished.

Main discussions in Bucharest will centre around NATO enlargement, the NATO mission in Afghanistan, US plans to deploy missile defences in Europe, relations with Russia, and Alliance transformation.

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